"What have you done?"

"I purchased Search Automator last night at your give-away price and have been running it through its paces. You should have charged at least twice as much. It would still be a bargin.

I'm not a psychic, but I predict that Search Automator is going to change the Internet like nothing else that has come out in a very long time.

Not only a fantastic tool for marketers, but Search Automator will change the way students, researchers, and the casual surfer will be using the Internet for quite some time.

Imagine! Instant search results not only for web pages, but images, sound files, videos, tutorials, articles, blogs, tips... the list just goes on and on.

Just the savings in time searching for pertinent information is worth a fortune to those needing information in a hurry.

Best buy I ever made!"

Michael Dixon

"...this is the most useful software I have ever seen..."

"First I would like to say that this is the most useful software I have ever seen and I have a lot of products. I didn't even read the salesletter and only made it through 1/2 of the video. I knew this was something I wanted, but I assumed that it would be priced very high and started getting very bummed until I found the price, UNBELIEVEABLE!! I snatched it up like a kid in a penny candy store:)

If I could make a suggestion that would probably relieve all of us in the info product business, please either take it off the market or price it where I first thought it would be, deep in the hundreds! Seriously, this could kill the info-marketing businesses forever. Once people have an easy way to find all the info they need easily, for free, why would they buy products from us?!? If it was $500, myself and any other marketers would have to have it and your pocket book will explode! I really wish you would consider this, but if not thanks for this killer product. You may use any part of this for a testimony if you'd like. I'm afraid to ask about an affiliate program because I don't want everyone to get a hold of this tool. Sorry if I'm sounding selfish, but I've never felt this strongly about a product and as I said, I have most of them!

Well, thanks again, now that I got it, RAISE THE PRICE!!! LOL

Have a GREAT DAY!!"

Tracy Linville

"I'm absolutely floored."

"I just tried Search Automator for the first time and am very impressed.

Finally a tool that combines every single tool I need to do niche research, keyword research, seek linking partners, ezine content, images and more.

I'm absolutely floored.

Plus, It gives me instant access to all the secret tools I've used in the past to keep an eye on my competitors websites. Search Automator is going to save me an incredible amount of time every day.


Bill Hibbler

"...already blown away!"

"I just bought Search Automator and haven't even finished reading the guide, but I am already blown away!

There are resources on the web that I didn't even know existed.

I have been searching in vain for some information for a site I am making, and I found it in about 10 minutes with your SA software.

Great job!"

Sydney Johnson

"This is going to save me hundreds of hours of research time..."

"Awesome job with Search Automator.

This is going to save me hundreds of hours of research time, and the quality is something you would expect to find in a Adobe or Macromedia product."

Nick Hevey

"I definitely see the Net differently now!"

"Derek, your software is NOT just a "Search Automator." It is *The ULTIMATE Tool For Online Research* - and much much more...

I definitely see the Net differently now!

It seems that everyone can create an informational ebook in some hours by utilising your clever tool!

Many thanks for the work done!"

John Delavera

"...I can't quit using it!"

"I wanted to drop you a line about Search Automator. Damn it...I can't quit using it!

I opened it up to check on a niche product idea I had and 2 hours flew by. I feel like I have an addiction! :o)

Great product, nice looking interface, I'm a very happy Search Automator user!"

Bret Forster

"...you've raised the bar when it comes to search!"

"WOW!! Got my copy of your new tool last night, and to say I'm overwhelmed is an understatement in the extreme.

Search Automator is the most amazing tool I've ever seen.

Derek, you've raised the bar when it comes to search!"


"I'm so blown away by this product that I just wrote a 1300+ word article on my blog on how I use it..."

"I am absolutely addicted to Search Automator!

This will do everything short of pouring your coffee! Having every tool imagineable at my fingertips multiplies my time efficiency and effectiveness. In fact, using Search Automator saves me at least an hour a day vs. my old way of searching and performing research.

I'm so blown away by this product that I just wrote a 1300+ word article on my blog on how I use it.....and still didn't cover everything!

Anyone who uses the Internet for more than checking their email needs this product...now!"

Debbi Bressler
The Home Business Review Magazine

"What used to take me 20 minutes now takes me less than 5 minutes using Search Automator."

"This tool is fantastic.

The article-find tool alone has saved me several hours.

I spend a significant amount of time searching article directories for content. What used to take me 20 minutes now takes less than 5 minutes using Search Automator. Multiply that by 7 times per week, and you just saved me over an hour and a half per week."

Eric Shannon

"This software has made the Internet NEW to me again and it makes my research go ten times faster"

Search Automator is a life saver!

I am so busy these days that I can use time savings anywhere I can find them. I had no idea how crippled I was just using Google or Yahoo by themselves to search for information. This software has made the Internet NEW to me again and it makes my research go ten times faster.

This tool isn't for the casual searcher. If your bottom line doesn't depend on finding everything on the internet related to your search in a minimum amount of time, this software is too powerful for you!

Jack Humphrey

"...I do a lot of medical research on the web...Search Automator will help me find and zero in on detailed, specific information"

As a legal nurse consultant, I do a lot of medical research on the web.

Sometimes it's difficult to sift through all of the inapplicable search results. I think the Search Automator will help me find and zero in on detailed, specific information.

Thanks for a great tool.

Darbi Stolk RN, CLNC
Stolk Legal Nurse Consulting Services

"As webmaster for a small country, I needed this tool"

The moment I started using the searchautomator, I knew that I had found the great search tool I was looking for. As a webmaster from a small country, I needed this tool. There is so much info on the Internet the searchautomator can help me seek for my information needs.

Reginald Bailly

"There are so many powerful time-saving features, it's just awesome!"

Search Automator stands head and shoulders above all other research tools.

There are so many powerful time-saving features, it's just awesome! Every time I use it, I seem to discover yet another shortcut, or research avenue to pursue.

If you are someone that depends on finding information for your business, this software should be at the top of your wanted list. It will save you a ton of time, and help you find stuff that you might normally give up trying to find.

I absolutely love it, and will be using it to death on a daily basis.

Jason Lewis
Find Stuff Quickly Video Tutorials

"I'm simply stunned by the power and simplicity of this product and I'm in awe of the technology"

I had to write you about how absolutely astonished I am at the power of Search Automator.

Listen to this. I bought Search Automator from you around 30 hours ago, read the manual and started playing around with it straight away.

At the moment I have five websites selling digital products to different niches (with more to come) and the big problem I was having was tracking down content that I could use to add to my various sites.

In the last 3 months alone, and right up to the time I bought Search Automator I had spent over 200 hours searching the net for the content I needed, and to be honest, even after all that, what I found was far from the good. I knew there was a lot more out there but I didn't know how to find it.

Enter Search Automator.

In the last 30 hours (actually it's more like 25 hours) I have found enough draft content and research material to turn my once good products into super products. And it's all thanks to Search Automator.

Without Search Automator I would still floundering around still wasting hours and hours doing searches the 'old way'. And remember, I've only been using Search Automator for 30 hours, so I'm not an experienced user.

I'm simply stunned by the power and simplicity of this product and I'm in awe of the technology . I can't get over it.

Glen Hooke
Nu Media Marketing

"...I find it absolutely 'Incredible', in fact 'Awesome'"

I purchased Search Automator yesterday and to be completely honest I find it absolutely "Incredible", in fact "Awesome".

I have Cervical Spondylosis and have searched for hours on the Internet for help and guidance. Your program has enabled me to find the required information in seconds.

I am completely "Gob smacked". When I first read about it I thought I would have to pay at least $200 or pay an annual fee but when I saw the purchase price I could not believe it.



"It's a passport to a whole new universe"

Commenting on the Search Automator is easy. The tough part is to STOP commenting on the Search Automator.

All of my friends and family opted to quit listening to me and to take a look for themselves.

My sister, for example, finally got me to shut up by saying that the only time she had known me to be so excited was the day that my local library card was upgraded from the "childrens' " to the "adults' " section. And with that statement, she pretty much said it all.

Just as that new library card opened up a whole new world, so does the Search Automator.

Now I wish that the day was six hours longer, so that I could continue searching, playing, and learning. The Search Automator is much more than a tool. It's a passport to a whole new universe.

What a gift!

I'm glad I bought my Search Automator before you start charging what it is truly worth. Thanks again.

Fred Hoffman

"...I have found your product to be absolutely marvelous! "

I've bought a lot of so called "new / must have" pieces of software over the net and most of them have turned out to be closely related to the product one excretes from ones ****. However, I'm delighted to report that I have found your product to be absolutely marvelous!

I use it all the time and it's worth every cent that I paid for it.

I'm now getting into the RSS info you provided me and I'm looking forward to doing something with that.

It's nice to find someone on the net who actually delivers on what they promise and you certainly have with the Search Automator. Well done and thank you.

Bill Halsted

"The software is absolutely brilliant... "

One of the most important items that all people have to deal with is "time". Once it has been used you can't retrieve it no matter how hard you try!

That is undoubtedly what Search Automator has done for me -- save me "time". What would have taken me hours of searching now takes just a fraction of the "time" - there's that word again.

The software is absolutely brilliant and how you can sell it for such a genuinely low price amazes me.

In addition to the software you really put the icing on the cake with the comprehensive "User Guide". It is rare nowadays to get a Guide or Manual of any kind let alone one which is so well prepared and most importantly so well written and easy to use.

I can honestly say that anyone who wants to "search" in a way that serves the requirements and demands of the modern day should have a copy of "Search Automator".

Please let me know of any further products you develop in the future.

Norma Holden

"...it has dramatically reduced my research time, and revealed things I never would have found"

It's such a pleasure to buy a product that over-delivers like Search Automator.

I still haven't used all the features it offers, but it has dramatically reduced my research time, and revealed things I never would have found.

A truly great product.

Darrell Wilhelm

"I've been doing business on the Internet for six years, and your Search Automator is one of the top three programs I've bought... "

I've been doing business on the Internet for six years, and your Search Automator is one of the top three programs I've bought.....and I've bought almost all the software programs out there recommended by the "so-called" marketing gurus.

I've bought search engine optimizers, pdf creators, ebook creators, sales letters creators, ad words finders, headline creators, marketing courses, admission to membership sites, web site creators....you name it, and I've probably bought it! But as I stated, your Search Automator is probably one of the most functional, user-friendly, programs that puts any information you may be looking for at your fingertips....one click away.

Awesome product. It's really worth 10 times what you're charging. I'm surprised that none of the big-named marketers haven't bought you out.

I. L. Hall
President - Cutting Edge Productions

"Nothing short of genius, pure genius"

The interface is fantastic and one that has drawn me back to use it time and time again.

I ususally just go straight to yahoo.com but now I have the power in my hands. Nothing short of genius, pure genius.

Your tutorials are spot on and using the software and them together how can you loose?

Well you cant.

Renaldo Lawrence

"Search Automator is the most useful software I have ever seen"

Search Automator is the most useful software I have ever seen. What used to take me a whole day I can now do in 30 minutes.

Aaron Blake

"...it far exceeds what I'd hoped for... "

I started in Internet Marketing only this year, in July.

Like most who come into this field of work I read everything I could get my hands on, every sales page, report etc.

I quickly began to realise that there was a lot of hype and BS 'out there'. I bought some kit from various 'gur's' and to be honest, most of the kit I bought was crap.

When I first saw your sales page, I thought 'Oh, here we go again....more hype', and clicked away. A few weeks later I got your link again from someone else and then a day later got a reminder about it.

I took more time this time to read the page and watch the video, and to be honest I was still sceptical. I bought 'Search Automator' with the hope that I wasn't going to purchase yet another dog.

Derek, I have used 'Search Automator' only a few times now.....to test it out....and I have to say, that it far exceeds what I'd hoped for.....it's an amazing bit of kit. I've only scratched the surface of using this software, but I can see the potential of 'Search Automator' in helping me build niche sites literally for evermore.

My very first website, workfromhomedirect is soon to be re-built, as I think it's far too 'clunky'. I'm going to build smaller sites aimed at higher quality 'useful' products and would have absolutely no hesitation in promoting 'Search Automator'.

Thank you Derek for producing a product that does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Nicolas Sinclair PhD.

"Search Automator is the most innovative and unique product that I have ever seen"

I have been on-line since 1988 and Search Automator is the most innovative and unique product that I have ever seen.

I am a casino game inventor and former art director for an advertising agency. With a hands-on understanding of the proprietary process, I congratulate you.

I am looking for a select few outstanding affiliate products to build an online business. I hope you would consider me worthy to market Search Automator. I can't imagine anyone looking at a demo and not wanting it. Frustrating for us Mac users, but I'll do the unthinkable and buy a PC just to use it.

David Keller

"The research it enables me to accomplish on the Internet in a very short time is amazing!"

I am a genealogist and a friend of mine, author Nancy Hendrickson, wrote about Search Automator in her on-line Newsletter. She was quite enthusiastic, so I decided to purchase it. I am so impressed! The research it enables me to accomplish on the Internet in a very short time is amazing!

Just as an experiment, I entered one of my family names and asked for images - within seconds I had 2,056 hits - and this is not a common name such as Smith or Jones. The search covered sites whose existence I was not even aware of.

I have been telling all of my friends how great it is. In fact, I am ordering another copy to give to someone as a Christmas gift.

What a great tool!!

Phyllis Quarg

"One word...Awesome!"

I must comment!

One word.....


Glen Parker

"...I have been not only finding things I never imagined but doing it in record time..."

A few years ago I lost my favorite hat - a black "yachting" cap with hard visor, and a nautical symbol embroidered in front. Since then, whenever I had the chance, I browsed the web looking for a replacement, because the company in San Francisco that sold the original has long since closed its doors. Through Google, Yahoo and whatnot the closest I could ever come to a replacement was the Cape Breton cap sold in Europe.

The day I started using Search Automator earlier this year - in fact, as part of the "orientation" exercise - I located a company in Houston, Texas that had the very cap I wanted - at a price no more than what I paid for the original, thirty years earlier.

Since then I have been not only finding things I never imagined but doing it in record time, too. All my websites now carry a recommendation for Search Automator, in bold letters, on each home page.

Jim McCarthy

"Search Automator has helped me with my studies in endless ways"

Search Automator has helped me with my studies in endless ways.

Living in Belgium I currently study Fine Art Valuation via distance learning at a UK university. We were recently given an image of a painting but no artist or date and were asked to write an essay around this subject. It certainly looked to be painted in the 16th-17th century and looked similar to the work of either Van Dijk or Rubens.

After scouring the local and university libraries for more than a day it was impossible to locate the image. I then decided to use Search Automator and its ability to search for images. It’s a fantastic function. I located the painting within ten minutes as well a number of websites that helped in my research for the painting.

By the way the image was of Alathea Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury by Peter Paul Rubens dated 1620. Many thanks for a great product.

Eur. Ing. Peter Webb

"It is simply “THE GREATEST” instrument anyone with access to the Internet must have!"

As a 56 year old male, decorated Vietnam Veteran, former automotive executive and now a Leukemia survivor I wish to share my experience with “Search Automator”.

It is simply “THE GREATEST” instrument anyone with access to the Internet must have!

Because of my limitations I chose to make my living on the Internet. After spending hundreds of hours to locate information, pictures, articles, references, e-books, tutorials, videos and websites for cancer patients, caregivers and doctors, I came across Search Automator.

The software works flawlessly. Just type in a simple word or phrase and get instant access to subject details in hundreds of search engines not available without experience and knowledge. A child can use it.

Open a new world classroom of information in your own home or business for less than the cost of one meal!

Terry Keenan

"He got an 'A' by the way!"

Hi Derek, Just wanted to let you know that your product, Search Automator, proved to be invaluable in helping my son do his 6th grade Egyptology report.

Search Automator allowed him to quickly and easily dig up the hidden "jewels" of information that are often hard to find with regular search engines.

I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly appreciate Search Automator and how it helped my son.

He got an 'A' by the way! Thanks again.

Michael C. Yarbrough

"Search Automator has become my go to tool for all projects..."

I purchased Search Automator soon after starting my new business which assists Australian and USA customers Develop markets for their products across the Pacific.

My first customer engaged me to conduct market research on a specialty product in the warehouse and distribution sector. In the project briefing I understood this company had 3 to 4 direct competitors. Using the Search Automator photo / image feature, scanning all major search engines, I found images for 21 direct competitors. Following the links, this led me to valuable technical, pricing and IP information. My research project was an outstanding success as the report to my client was more comprehensive than he could have imagined.

“Search Automator” has become my go to tool for all projects from that moment on. I have recommended it to others on at least 10 occasions.

Jim Raz

"I am having so much fun discovering a whole new Internet..."

You are a genius! This is a great piece of software.

I am having so much fun discovering a whole new Internet I knew was out there but was not sure how to find.

Only one challenge - now I have to learn to stop searching new information, turn my computer off at night and go to bed so I don't sleep through work the next day ;).

Patricia Holton

"I love Search Automator!"

I love Search Automator!

I make web sites that offer links to sites that offer tips, ebooks, tutorials, videos, techniuqes, anything that has to do with the theme of my site. I so appreciate Seach Automator as it saves me so much time.

I use the automated tool, where I can see a Google page long enough to know if there's anything of interest, then, if there is, I can pause and check it out. If not, it goes to the next page, and so on. This is very valuable to me, because the farther I get into Google, the less focused it seems to be, meaning I have to sift through a lot of sites.

Search Automator is a blessing!

Jan Tincher

"...every person on the Internet should be using Search Automator"

Search Automator is my new search tool.

I cant tell you how much time this program has saved me.

Everytime I do a search I learn some thing new about the progam.

To me, every person on the Internet should be using Search Automator.

Keith Tessmer